Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crime occurs when minors participate in illegal activities. Primarily, juvenile crimes are committed by people who are under the age of 18 and may include a range of illegal behaviors that would otherwise be charged as a crime for any adult person.

Considering that 60-80% of adolescents engage in illegal behaviors, juvenile crimes – and the need for juvenile crime lawyers – are a growing concern. At Law Office of Jay A. Perry, we believe in offering fair representation to every person, and we take pride in providing fair, honest service to our juvenile clients. With each of these cases, we are determined to arrive at a more positive outcome for our clientele; not only does this mean working to decrease the charges brought against them, but also fighting for their opportunity at a fresh slate that will allow them to make better decisions in the coming months and years.

If you are facing a juvenile charge, it’s important to act quickly, so that we can determine the status of your case and formulate the best strategy for you. With each juvenile case, money, time and reputation are always at risk, so it’s important to take advantage of free consultations and determine the best attorney for you. We invite you to contact us directly to set up a free meeting and discuss your legal options.

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