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The Law Office of Jay. A Perry is committed to providing excellent representation to our clients. The personal attention we offer clients is simply unmatched throughout the greater Chattanooga area.

That's why we offer our totally free, no obligation consultations. To allow us to better understand the details and legal consequences surrounding your case, we encourage you to set up a free appointment with us.

In these free consultations, we will gather some facts to recommend an aggressive legal strategy. After our one-on-one meeting, you'll walk away knowing:
  • What the charges you face carry as far as punishment
  • What possible defenses you may have
  • Payment plan details

The important thing to remember with any impending crime charge is that time is essential. It's important to not only act quickly, but to have a strategy in place that helps protect your reputation and minimize any jail time, probations, fines or community service hours that will be required of you.

Allow us to put the law on your side. Set up a free consultation today.

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