Crime Victim Compensation Fund

The state of Tennessee offers a Crime Victim Compensation Fund as a means to reimburse innocent crime victims of expenses they incur due to a crime including medical expenses, court fees, funeral costs, hospital bills, lost wages and emotional suffering.

To qualify for the Crime Victim Compensation Fund, victims can call upon an attorney to assist them in filing a written claim. There is no charge for the attorney.

Below are the stipulations that must be met:

  • Written claim must be filed within one year of the recorded date of the criminal offense.
  • Victim must cooperate with law enforcement officials throughout the investigation and prosecution of the crime.
  • Victim must report the crime to the appropriate personnel within 48 hours of its occurrence.
Persons are considered inelligible for the Crime Victim Compensation Fund if they contribute to the crime, further their own victimization or fail to adhere to the items listed above.

The fund does not compensate victims for stolen or damaged personal property.

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