Going off to college is very exciting, but many students run into unexpected legal issues that can have life-altering consequences. Students often need legal advice in dealing with drug and alcohol-related issues.

DUI, DUA & Drug Crime Consequences

If you are a college student and have been arrested for a drug or alcohol offense, such as a DUI, you must proceed with caution. Without proper legal representation, you may face a permanent conviction on your record. Any criminal conviction carries a lifetime of consequences.

Many college students don't fully understand the consequences of minor criminal charges like Drinking Under Age (DUA). However, in Tennessee a conviction for DUA carries a mandatory loss of driving privileges for 1 year. Our firm has represented many students facing a DUA charge and we know what to do.

Legal Assistance & Expunging Your Record

Proceedings move quickly in Sessions Court, and you want someone on your side to stand with you during this anxious time. We understand that young people make mistakes, and we will act quickly to ensure that those mistakes don't haunt you forever. Our office has represented many college students and knows how to resolve these issues and provide you with the best chance to put an unfortunate episode behind you and expunge your record if possible.

Jay Perry is a professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His work teaching Intro to Criminal Law ensures a strong connection to students and his local community.