About Jay A. Perry


Mr. Perry earned his J.D. from The University of ColoradoJay Perry Law School where he graduated in the top 7% of his class. He earned a bachelor's degree from The University of the South, Sewanee. 


Mr. Perry currently represents clients in all levels of the Tennessee court system. While in law school, Mr. Perry was active in promoting increased access to the legal justice system for everyone through his work with the American Indian Law Clinic. This experience provided first-hand knowledge in a wide variety of areas of law. Since graduating from law school, Mr. Perry has operated his own legal practice, committed to providing excellent representation in many areas of the law. 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Perry was an educator. He has worked in Tennessee, Alabama and Vermont teaching, coaching, guiding and counseling children of all ages, most often in an outdoor setting. 

Professional Statement:

Mr. Perry offers legal services in many areas and is committed to providing excellent legal representation at an affordable price. His practice is based on identifying the client’s interests and protecting and advocating for those interests as well as providing the personal attention that your matter deserves. As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Perry provides superior service to help you in your time of need.

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